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Kelly Home Meals  Open 
Deliveries or Pickup from 6pm-7pm for Dinner and 12noon-1pm for Lunch
Monday Dinner

Indian (Monday)

Dal Tadka, Cabbage Peas, 3 rotis

Western (Monday)

Fish and Chips

Chinese (Monday)

Chicken Rice with Stir-fried Kailan

Tuesday Dinner

Indian (Tuesday)

Chole, Paneer Burji, 2 Tawa Prathas

Western (Tuesday)

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Grilled Chicken

Chinese (Tuesday)

Rice, Mix Vege Soup and Sweet & Sour Fish

Wednesday Dinner

Indian (Wednesday)

Dal Makhani, Aloo Gobi, 2 Naan

Western (Wednesday)

Chicken Chop and Grilled Vegetables

Chinese (Wednesday)

Egg Fried Rice and Cereal Prawns

Thursday Dinner

Indian (Thursday)

Vegetable Briyani and Raita

Western (Thursday)

Chicken Quesadillas

Chinese (Thursday)

Duck Rice with Stir Fried Mix Veges

Friday Dinner

Indian (Friday)

Mysore Dal, Soya Chaap Masala, 3 Rotis

Western (Friday)

Hamburger and Fries

Chinese (Friday)

Hokkien Noodles

Saturday Lunch

Indian (Saturday)

Aloo Tikki Chaat

Western (Saturday)

Mac & Cheese

Chinese (Saturday)

Wanton Noodles

Sunday Lunch

Indian (Sunday)

3 Idlis, Sambhar

Western (Sunday)

Hawaiian Pizza

Chinese (Sunday)

Rice, Sambal Stingray and Kangkong

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